Rural Rapid Responders Reap Rewards

Essential life-saving kit and training for volunteer first responders in South Carrick.

A £5,000 grant to the Girvan & South Carrick Community First Responders in the spring of 2018 proved to be a springboard for success for the newly-formed group.

The award enabled the group to purchase essential training equipment such as kitbags from the Scottish Ambulance Service as well as promotional materials to attract new members and teach CPR at community events.

Now 15-members strong, the equipment purchased, including a laptop and printer, enables the group to manage its day-to-day operations, as well as produce information and promotional leaflets for the wider public.

In rural areas such as South Carrick, it can be challenging for the emergency services to reach those in need of urgent medical help quickly. Since forming, members have attended 82 emergency call-outs, having a positive impact in 78 cases.

By attending community events with their stalls and training kits, the group has helped the community further by demonstrating practical first aid. Around 150-200 people across the region have practiced CPR using the group’s equipment.

Peter Walker, Chairperson of the South Ayrshire Health & Social Care’s Girvan & South Carrick Villages Partnership said: “With many of our villages some distance from a major hospital every second counts, and to have people at hand to provide emergency help as soon as it’s needed will help to save lives.”