How To Apply


Before applying for funding, you should read the Fund Factsheet.


2020 Application Deadlines


 Application Deadline

 Directors' Meeting

17th February 2020

 22nd April

18th May

 29th July  

10th August

 7th October

9th November

 27th January 2021


What Can Carrick Futures Fund?

Carrick Futures can support charitable activities that support the rural regeneration and sustainability of Ballantrae, Colmonell & Lendalfoot, Barr, Barrhill, Pinmore & Pinwherry, Girvan & District and Carrick.

Awards can support a wide range of costs and activities.

The Board has agreed three strategic aims, which it will use to prioritise proposed projects. These are:

  • Improving access to services (in particular public transport)
  • Enabling a diverse and sustainable population mix (services for young people and older people, but also activities that help create opportunities for families and working age people to live in the area).
  • Improving equality of opportunity (including tackling poverty and disadvantage).

Applicants must normally fulfil the following conditions to apply to the fund:

  • The proposal is for projects or activities consistent with the charitable purposes of Carrick Futures;
  • Applicants have a constitution (governing document or set of rules) and are set up on a not-for-private-profit basis. However applicants do not need to be registered charities to apply.
  •  Applicants must provide their latest set of accounts, signed by an independent third party, and a copy of a recent bank statement.


How Much Can My Group Apply For?

Two levels of awards are normally available for activities that benefit the local community. The amount and type of information required from applicants differs depending on the size of application being made.

Standard grants: £500 - £10,000.
Large grants: over £10,000. There is a two-stage application process for large grants. An initial enquiry form must be completed. The Board will review the enquiry and agree whether to invite a full application to future rounds.

Awards can be multi-year in nature, normally up to a maximum of 3 years. If the total request exceeds £10,000, an initial enquiry should be made using the large grant process outlined above.

A small grant scheme, for awards up to £500, is also available and administered directly by each of the six main Community Councils. Please contact your Community Council directly for further details.


Any Exclusions?

Awards cannot support the following types of activity:

  • The advancement of religion or party politics (including requests to support the core activities of religious or political groups)
  • Activities understood to be the primary responsibility of statutory authorities, including teaching equipment in schools.
  • Projects benefiting primarily residents outwith the Area of Benefit (determined by the Community Council boundaries)
  • Activities contrary to the interests of the six main communities or any of the companies or donors contributing to the fund
  • Activities likely to bring Carrick Futures, Foundation Scotland, the six main communities or any companies or donors contributing to the fund into disrepute
  • Anti-renewable energy or anti-windfarm activities
  • Retrospective funding (i.e. paying for costs incurred before a decision on an application to the fund for support can be made)
  • The repayment of loans or payment of debts.

Decisions of the Board are final and there is no right to appeal. Projects that are not awarded a grant cannot be re-considered for the same project for at least one year and new information cannot be considered after a decision has been made.

We welcome pre-application enquiries. For further advice or information on Carrick Futures or to discuss your project proposal informally, please contact the Foundation Scotland team on 01557 814927, before applying, to confirm the project is eligible.